Introducing Barrows Outdoor

Our Story

Barrows Outdoor was founded by McGehee Porter and Michael Wallace.  The two men met and became friends while training their dogs to run field trials and hunt tests.  Their extensive time in the field together led them to discover a common variable…The equipment they used would always break or needed to be replaced frequently. 

Barrows Outdoor was born with the belief and vision that dog training tools could be made more durable, built to last, and more effective in taking the dog to the next level.  We wanted to develop products that bring innovation to the industry that are durable, reliable, and ultrapractical.  We stand behind all our products, knowing that we have gone to great lengths to design, test, and manufacture tough and user-friendly products.  We put so much time, effort, and love into our companions that we owe it to them to use the best tools, giving them the best chance to succeed.  The name Barrows came from the duck, Barrow’s Goldeneyes, which is said to be a species that is the pinnacle of duck hunting to harvest. 


Our Difference

Barrows Outdoor is making innovative products that are researched, engineered, and tested for handlers that are serious about their gear and training. Our products are of the highest quality on the market, offering the best performance for the handler and the dog. Our products are made with rock-solid materials, designed to last forever, be durable outdoors by not fading or cracking, ultrafunctional, and give you an advantage in the field.  We are innovating in this industry and bringing new products to life that are beneficial and helpful. We want to be the one-stop shop for all your dog training needs. Our goal is to deliver products that will be a howling success for handlers and their dogs, for years to come.