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Barrows Outdoor

"The Blue Ribbon" Whistle

"The Blue Ribbon" Whistle

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Introducing the Blue Ribbon:  The Ultimate Dog Training Whistle. 

The Blue Ribbon is the most effective dog training whistle on the market, designed and manufactured by Barrows Outdoor. Extensive research shows that dogs respond best to high decibels and lower frequency sounds, and the Blue Ribbon delivers exactly that. Its engineered design ensures quick and efficient communication with your dog, no matter the conditions.

Unmatched Durability and Comfort

Built to last a lifetime, the Blue Ribbon is made from top-quality, non-aging ABS-785R material. It is molded with precision and durability in mind, so you can rely on it during your dog's entire training journey. The whistle features a stainless-steel O-ring for easy attachment to a lanyard and a rubber mouthpiece for comfort and tooth protection.

Superior Performance in Any Environment

Our whistle outperforms others in every way. The Blue Ribbon's sound carries over long distances, even in water or high winds. The directional cone projects sound where you want it, and away from your ears while offering a pleasant sound to human ears. Control your dog in the most stubborn conditions. The Blue Ribbon gives you the extra horsepower needed for field trials, hunt tests, or hunting conditions.

Lightweight and Reliable

The Blue Ribbon is lightweight and pea-less, so it doesn’t freeze up. Durable, reliable, and fits easily in your pocket, this dog training whistle is your ultimate tool for effective communication and outstanding results with your dog.

Explore more about our innovative dog training tools on our website and discover why the Blue Ribbon by Barrows Outdoor is the preferred choice for professional dog trainers and enthusiasts alike.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Chris Barnes
Blue Ribbon Whistle

Great whistle. I love the tones and it carries a long distance. Great for field trials.

Good, easy to blow

I like it. Good sound and easy to blow loud or soft.....but my dog ignores it. That is not the whistle'fault. Lol. Gotta retrain to it.

Blue Ribbon males a very nice product !

So far so good dogs respond to it very well and hear it a long way off, thanks !

Nick Schiele

Great whistle

Erik Nilsson
Best whistle

Quality product easy to use and sounds great