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Barrows Outdoor

Multi-color Pack of White, Orange and Pink Dog Training Bumper - The Smart Choice for Serious Trainers

Multi-color Pack of White, Orange and Pink Dog Training Bumper - The Smart Choice for Serious Trainers

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Enhance Your Dog's Training with Barrows Outdoor Multi-color Bumper Pack

Elevate your dog training sessions with Barrows Outdoor's Multi-Color Pack of Dog Training Bumpers. Available in convenient 3-pack and 6-pack options, this set features a vibrant array of white, pink, and orange bumpers designed to enhance your training effectiveness. 

Ideal for obedience training, water work, marking, hunting, and field trials preparation, these bumpers offer:

Unique Vinyl Dumbbell Style

  • Ensures proper gripping and prevents 'cigaring'.

Round Center Design

  • Keeps water out of the dog's mouth during swims and prevents rolling.

Durable Vinyl Construction

  • Built for longevity, easy cleaning, and effortless throwing. Plus, it floats!

Valveless Design

  • Offers enhanced durability for rigorous training sessions.

Curved Grip Pattern

  • Soft texture ensures comfortable handling and carrying.

Integrated Throw Rope

  • Provides convenience in carrying, throwing, and retrieving.

Available Color Variants

  • Enjoy all Barrows Outdoor color variants:  Pink, Orange, and White.

Why Choose the Multi-color Bumper Pack?


1. Enhanced Training Versatility Different colors serve distinct purposes in training scenarios. White bumpers are ideal for clear visibility against dark backgrounds, ensuring your dog can easily spot them from a distance. Pink bumpers are perfect for blending into lighter environments, such as snow or sand, making them a great tool for testing your dog's marking abilities. Orange bumpers, often less visible to dogs, challenge their reliance on scent rather than sight, promoting a more refined skill set. This variety allows you to adapt to various training conditions and keep your dog engaged with new challenges.

2. Superior Visibility and Identification Using multiple colors makes it easier for trainers to identify and manage multiple bumpers in the field. Quickly differentiate between bumpers during complex training drills, ensuring precise and efficient sessions. This is particularly beneficial during group training or competitions where quick identification is crucial.

3. Comprehensive Skill Development A multi-color pack encourages a well-rounded training regime. By incorporating different colors, you expose your dog to diverse visual cues, enhancing their problem-solving skills and adaptability. This approach ensures your dog is prepared for any situation, whether in a controlled training environment or during real-world hunting and field trials.

4. Increased Engagement and Excitement Variety keeps training sessions fresh and exciting for your dog. Introducing different colors can prevent monotony, maintaining high levels of enthusiasm and motivation. An engaged dog is more likely to learn quickly and retain training lessons, making each session more productive.

5.  Convenient Purchasing a multi-color pack is more convenient than buying individual bumpers in separate colors.  Enjoy the benefits of a diverse training toolkit. Additionally, the 3-pack and 6-pack options allow you to choose the quantity that best suits your training needs, providing flexibility and convenience.

Choose Barrows Outdoor Multi-Color Pack of Dog Training Bumpers for a versatile, engaging, and effective training experience. Equip yourself with the tools to take your dog's training to the next level and witness the difference that quality and variety can make.

Product Dimensions

  • Length: 11.1 inches
  • Width: 2.5 inches
  • Rope Length: 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.5 oz

Disclaimer: This product is intended as a training tool, not a chew toy.

Set of 3 Multi Color Barrows Outdoor Dog Training Bumpers.  One bumper each in Pink, White and Orange

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